To create a small museum is challenging. The word museum, what does it mean? I am reading a lot about archiving art and do it for 25 years, so I know a bit. In 2011 I published a paper THE PRIMCURATOR which you find at Academia to download. The question is not “how to get the smallest museum” the question is about the “smallest one you can walk inside.”

Is it the Warley Museum in a phone cell?


Maybe it is not the only one? I know in fact others around the globe as tiny. I can’t compete with it … and personally I think it is not a museum at all. But what when you have an Avatar and inside the box is a world? Then the picture turns and you can walk into it. And here it comes, the WiFi Museum.


DOWNLOAD THE PRESS INFORMATION [comes in German language].

Want to know what kind of Art is inside?